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Electro Electronics Store Shopify Website Design

  • Electro – Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Website Design Electro is a clean, modern, user-friendly, responsive and functional web design with vertical menu, perfect for built [...]
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  • This product includes:
  • Free domain and hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • A fully branded new website
  • 6 months Free support
  • Resposive devices supported
  • Full Source code with documents

Available Options

Product availabilty may different based on updates.
  • Electro Electronics Store Shopify Website Design

Electro – Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Website Design

Electro is a clean, modern, user-friendly, responsive and functional web design with vertical menu, perfect for built for especially for your Shopify Gadgets & Digital store … We have put in lots of love and effort into building this web design, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy using this web design as much as we enjoyed while developing it.


  • Separator: create space between sections, add heading sections
  • Slideshows Sections: support video & image photos
  • Image Gallery with multi styles, hover effects, custom layouts
  • Logo List: Add list of logo images
  • Policies: Custom content with specific layout
  • Collection List: List of Collection Sections
  • Product Grid: show grid of product items with multi styles, hover effects selection, row or Carousel layout, padding option, ...
  • Product Listing: show products as listing
  • Product Tabs: show products as tabs of multi collection
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Single Product
  • Custom Content: Custom Content layout with dynamic options
  • Layout Boxed & Wide – Boxed mode: 1280px & 1440px
  • RTL Build-in
  • Lazy loading Image
  • Arena Font Icons Integration
  • Full Page Sections: Homepage, Collection, Blog, Cart…
  • Advantage Typography with Shopify Fonts.
  • Shopify Review Integration
  • Multiple Header Designs
  • Flexible Header Positions
  • Sticky Header Setup & Options
  • Unlimited Mega Menu
  • Mobile Menu
  • Build-in Wishlist & Compare by Free Arena Wishlist & Compare Shopify app
  • Build-in Quick View
  • Catalog Mode
  • Unlimited Layout Collections
  • Prefine Page Websites with specific block layout
  • Store Location
  • About
  • Contact
  • Prefine Product Websites
  • Product Simple
  • Product Extended
  • Product Bundle
  • Product Redirect
  • Build-in Live Ajax Search
  • Build-in Multi Currency Support
  • EU Cookies Policy Notify – GDPR Compatibility
  • Newsletter Popup – support Mailchimp
  • Always up to Date

Excellent 5-Star Customer Support

  • We – ArenaCommerce is a Shopify Expert agency, specialized in working with and enhancing leading Shopify stores. The Shopify Experts Program is a cultivated community of trusted, motivated Shopify ambassadors who actively help merchants grow their businesses by providing high-quality services.
  • We take pride in offering THE BEST after-sales support service. We care about your site as much as you and will help in any way possible.
  • Once you register your purchase, you can use our advanced support ticket system to receive professional support.

The Best Demo Importer On The Market

  • Full demo with everything in minutes
  • Professionally designed importer that helps you import demo materials with just few clicks.
  • Not only support installing regular web design packages, it also aids in importing sample data including Products, Collection, Navigation, Pages, and Blog Post.

Download immediately after purchasing:

Per Envato’s Website DesignForest regulation, after you purchased the web design, the web design’s package available for download would be a zip file that contains:

  1. Shopify web design files to install on your Shopify store.
  2. User Guide & Installation Guide.
  3. Changelog / Release Notes.

You need to extract the zip file before upload the file up into Shopify for installing or this error will appear: “errors: zip does not contain a valid web design: missing website “layout/web design.liquid”.

General Support Information and Policy

Please note that as authors of the web design

We are able to provide support only for the features which we created and for the issues related directly to the web design, mainly:

  • Answering quetions regarding web design installation, web design configuration, web design setup to look like our demos.
  • Fix bugs related to the design (such as broken layout, overflow content…) and coding, along with code conflicts with Shopify that lead to malfunction excluding problems caused by applications developed by third-parties.
  • Should you decide to install a third-party Shopify app, please check with us first as we may have an integration-ready app from our affliliates that suits the function you are looking for.
  • If you decide to install a third-party app without our acknowledgement, we reserve the rights to charge you for any damages the app makes to the web design should you want our help in fixing your store as this would be counted as customization work under Envato’s Item Support Policy.
  • In case the damages were irreversible and beyond our ability to fix, you can look for other Shopify Partners and Experts to help you. We are happy to collaborate with them to fix your store and monetary charges would be applied. We never accept refund requests for these cases.

We also can help you with these services as seen below. Please note, as they are excluded from Envato’s Item Support Policy, extra charges may apply:

  • Teach you how to use Shopify.
  • Edit the web design files and, or the web design source code.
  • Answer questions related to edit web design files, source code.
  • Add new features, customize and add features that are not built into the web design.
  • Integrate or make the web design work with third-party apps and scripts.
  • Re-do any customization you have done on your store when you upgrade the web design.

Our support schedule

  • Our timezone is GMT+7 and working hours is from 9AM to 6PM from Monday to Friday.
  • We do our best to monitor your queries (refer to as tickets) around the clock. Reply times can vary from time to time and be up to 24 hours from Monday – Friday, and up to 48 hours on weekends due to different timezones.
  • Our holidays day-offs follows local laws, so we are available on most Black Fridays, ThanksGiving, Christmas, etc… for your emergency requests. We will send a notice to you 1 week prior to our state’s holiday.
  • We highly recommend coming to us with your web design-related issues. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing access to your website with our staff members, we recommend hiring a freelance developer, whom you can collaborate closely with, to help with your website issues. Your private developer can contact us any time for support.


  • For questions prior to purchase or bug report, please open a ticket with us here.
  • Third-party Shopify app: there is no guarantee the app’s code will integrate well with our web design. Please always ask us prior to installation. Any damages the app causes will be counted as a customization of the web design and will be charged accordingly should you seek our help repairing the web design.
  • Please always unzip the web design package you downloaded from Envato after purchasing the web design. Shopify can only recognize individual files and uploading a zip file will cause this error: “errors: zip does not contain a valid web design: missing website “layout/web design.liquid”.
  • If this is your first time opening an online business, making the transition from brick-and-mortar to online business, or simply lack the time needed to set up your store, we do offer set up and customize packages to help you save more time to focus on your business.
  • For sections such as ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Featured Products’,... you can use third-party apps to pull out products to populate these lists. We do provide customization services to help you integrate third-party apps into our web design and provide a list of our affiliated apps if you want to save the hassle altogether. Please contact us for further details.

By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and completely understand and agree to our policies.


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